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Ailes pour Elle | Ignite Your Purpose

ESA Business School, 289, rue Clemenceau, Beyrouth, Liban
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Tarif : 25 USD


L'événement est terminé.


Through this workshop you will discover ways to self assess in order to find the path to live your full potential and identify the limiting beliefs and distortions blocking you from fulfilling your true life purpose. By asking yourself what your core values are, what you relate to as well as what is standing in the way of you becoming your true self, you will gain a clearer understanding and create the foundation to make better decisions for your future self. 


  • An understanding of who you are so you can become better aligned with what truly matters most to you. 
  • Tools to support you if you ever find yourself straying off track as you navigate the opportunities and challenges that arise day-to-day
  • Exercises you can use to unlock the unlimited potential within yourself, which will continue to guide you towards the creation of your best life
  • A greater appreciation for what inspires you and what brings you to life, which will help you improve your decision making.
  • A clear understanding of your goals and commitments based on not only who you want to be, but also what you want to be doing
  • Respect for the limiting beliefs and inner saboteurs that have been holding you back and newly learned tools you can use to overcome these challenges
  • The confidence required to take matters into your own hands and change your life for the better because you will truly know what gives you purpose, meaning and fulfillment

Registration is mandatory before October 27 at the latest.

Payment to be done in USD cash at CCIFL-Meref offices on ESA Campus.


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