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Ailes pour Elle | Owning the Shadow

ESA Business School
289, Rue Clemenceau

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25 Usd

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In this workshop, we will work with respect - and also with humor - to discover the connection between our antipathies towards others and our own inner material. How can we reclaim that part of ourselves we have been so busy projecting out onto other people and calling 'different, 'not one of us', 'evil' or 'enemy'? How can we rediscover the fullness of ourselves and bring into our awareness that denied aspect of ourselves that Carl Jung called our 'shadow', so that it can be dealt with where it belongs - in Ourselves and in the here and now?

The workshop, then, has a double purpose. The first is to help us own and face our shadow, the negative dark energies within our being. The second is for us to begin to open the doors of our heart and learn to talk to those onto whom we have projected our negative self, to learn at last how to communicate with them, not as enemies but as human beings like ourselves.

Registration is mandatory before April 28 at the latest. 

Payment to be done in USD cash at CCIFL-Meref offices on ESA Campus.


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